Hello all,
I really need some help here, for about a weeks now, When I start up my pc which is about 31/2 yrs old (monitor is abot 21/2 yrs) I can hear everything load up and windows open even upto the bleep that tells me I may not have any antivirus yet! (I got rid of it because I thought it was causing probs!)but my screen is black, so I have to keep turning the comp off & on again & slowly, slowly each time I do, the screen starts to display (not clearly, a bit blue and faint) only as a flash, but the more I turn off & on the screen slowly displays more each time until it comes on & then its fine all day even if it has to reboot, goes off and on fine. then shuts down ok at night. I dearn't try to turn it off completley now though because it will probably give me the same probs and take another hour to get it started properly again.:'( I have used the system repair console back to factory settings because I thought it might be a prob with the registry!! I'm not to well clued up!:-/ but no change..is it the monitor or the pc?
There is another slight prob with the display in that some of the letters are slightly blurred almost in strips going down the page, this has been there for a few weeks. (I thought I was getting middle age eyesight!:D

Oh! I don't have use of another pc to check my monitor against.

Sounds like the screen to me because it's what you're doing to the screen that brings it back. Probably a capacitor leaking in the HT circuit.

If you take the monitor to a friend's house and try it you'll get a clearer indication.

your monitor has a problems at the convergence socket and blurred is coz by a wrong focus on the screen try another monitor and find the answer

agreed. you're definitely going to need to buy a new monitor. Your computer is probably fine, though. Which is good news. New monitors are cheap and fast to install. New computers, not cheap.

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