From browsing this forum I noticed a disturbing number of these problems all dated somewhat recently with my same problem and was wondering if it was something actually deeper than just plain computer problems, but maybe its just me...

Well I'm Usually good with computers, but while trying to build a backup machine for my girlfriend using old computer parts, I ran into a problem not before experienced. This computer was an old referbished machine with a Intel 566 processor. When the power was turned on, I get nothing but a blank screen and a beep <pause> beep beep beep <pause> beep beep beep <pause> beep, each pausing being about 1/2 a second. Changing a jumper it would startup with no beeps, but still nothing showed up.

So I turned to my brothers old 200MMX computer. Initially it started up fine with the pieces from the old computer (mainly just the 8 gig Harddrive) but for some reason, after a recent use it was powered down, and then powered back up with the same results as the last time, The power's on, the Lights are on, but no body's home. So if anyone has any answers as to why a seemingly working machine would have this problem i'm open to all suggestions.

The memory and the harddrive are the pieces that have been shared between both machines, each worked when tested, the video card was even pulled and tested in each machine. (The refurbished had only an onboard video card, the brothers had an AGP card linked to a PCI card) and that didnt seem to work either.

Thank you for your time and I hope you/I/us can provide answers for not just me but for others as well

If those boards have Phoenix BIOS on them the 1-3-3 beep code indicates a motherboard problem. If it has AMI BIOS the 1-3-3 indicates a memory problem. it could be memory that's not seated properly in the slot or memory that is not compatible with the motherboard.

yep it might really be the memory

I pretty good with computers, but building systems for the ground up is unknown territory of me. In the past friends have built systems for me, but this usually ends up creates more work in trying to nail my friend down so I can get the kinks out. I've tried buying used systems and this also landed me in familur territory. Building systems for scratch holds many apealing aspects... Its very gratefing to be a do-it you selfer but, there are other less turbulent paths to geting a low cost computer with none of the hastles. After much digging I found a Gem - Financing Alternatives, their webiste - reminds me of Newegg, or bestbuy or compusa - In fact they've becom my one stop shop for anything electronic that I need, their systems are brand new, low cost - and if I cant purchase outright - I put it on lay-away for the first 3 months and then they send me my computer. This is a great option for folks who, want to get high-end products at a low-end price. Check it out! You wont be dissapointed!

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