Hello! I have received some outstanding advice in the past, so I’m back for more.

I am looking to “piece together a home PC that will be used mostly for surfing the net, email, editing photos, creating video/dvd’s, word processing, etc.

I currently have a 5-6 year old HP Pavilion that cannot be upgraded in terms of the processor, graphic support, etc.

These are the parts I want to use or that I think I can use from my current system. HP Pavilion xe745. My question for the experts is what else do I need to buy to give me a working machine.


* 312 mb SDRAM 168-pin DIMMs,
* Lite-On SOHW-812S Dual DVD±RW Writer
* Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM 8MB that is less than a yr old w/about 7 GB used
* Windows XP Home w/SP1a
* 300W ATX Power Supply
* ilo 15" LCD Monitor with DVI input, L15FCBT-U02


You have everything you need providing the motherboard you already have has an onboard graphics and sound chipset. (If not, you need a graphics card and a sound card). If you are going to use it on the internet you will obviously need some sort of modem, if you are using broadband then your ISP should normally supply one....

I'm thinking I'm going to go with a new motherboard, graphic and sound card b/c this is what I have now...
Video Graphics - PCI Interface
Controller - Intel 810
Video Memory - 11 MB shared system memory, integrated graphics, not upgradeable

Compatibility - 3-D Stereo, PCI, 16-bit Sound
Controller - AMC97 Codec
Location - Crystal audio chip

For photo and video editing you may want something a bit more powerfull, on the graphics side of things. I would recomend a 4X 64MB graphics card minimum. You could use the motherboard you already have providing it has an AGP slot.

I'll have to research a little more, but I don't think I have an AGP slot. I recall reading a statement that HP and Compaq PCs do not have an AGP Slot.

Thanks for you help thus far!

In terms of cost... what will I be looking at if I need to purchase a motherboard, graphic & sound card? Please keep in mind I don't need the best-of-the-best, just something that is going to be fairly fast, reliable, etc.


For components that will do the job, I would say about:

£5-10 - sound card,
£20-30 - 64MB graphics card,
£50-80 - mother board.

Remember, if you are replacing your motherboard you need a processor to go with it. That is usualy the expensive part, but it depends on the processor.

Sounds good. Thank you very much for all of the information!

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