Is there a noticeable difference in picture quality between when the monitor is connected via VGA and when it is connected with HDMI? (at high resolutions)

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on the same graphics card.
here's the scenario
use the monitor with and HDMi cable.
pull out the HDMI and use a VGA cable.
IS there a noticeable difference in display quality?
and why is HDMI said to be better?


You may notice a small difference with a pc, but not that much. Hook a HD box up to it and you will notice a massive difference on the channels that are broadcast in HD.


Hi Mahela

As you know I've been dealing with your situation on the other thread.

Rik's got it right, of course. I have two viewsonic monitors connected to my HD laptop. Neither monitor displays full HD so I have an equal comparison. The one connected by VGA has slightly duller colours for which I compensate with Gamma settings and brightness/contrast.

A good, shielded VGA cable makes a lot of difference because the analogue mode is otherwise susceptible to induced noise.

My advice to you is to normally use the HDMI cable and connect up the VGA cable either to a second monitor or to the primary monitor only for investigative purposes.

I'm sure Rik would agree.

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