I have a dell inspiron E 1705 with a nvidia geforce go 7900 gs. I believe the problem is with the graphics.
I have recently downgraded from Vista to Xp pro. Everything worked great for the first 10 hours. Now i cant boot into the operating system. When trying to boot into safe mode it is stuck on Mup.sys. I have tried to boot from my xp disk but it freezes once everything is loaded and anything graphical is going to display. I have tried to load my Vista disc but as soon as everything loads and the Microsoft icon and progress bar show it freezes. I have attempted to use UBCD4 windows but that does the same. as soon at the xp logo and progrress show up it freezes.
I am at a loss with this. if anybody has any ideas at all i will greatly appreciate them all.


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Try changing ACPI/APIC settings in BIOS.

XP is infamous for not being able to boot in any way if that setting isn't the same as the time XP was installed. It doesn't matter if it is disabled or enabled... and it always gets stuck an mup.sys when booting in safe mode.

i have tried everything with this machine. i have removed the hdd and tried to boot with ERD and UBCD4W. nothing has worked. freezes at the same place every time. have even tried to put vista back on the machine. i am almost 100% sure its the graphics card that is fubar. purchasing a new laptop now. but continuing to try to come across a solution for this one.

This is a long shot
- if the mouse is usb
1. make sure ACPI, Plug & Play, USB are enabled in BIOS
2.Run XP Recovery Console - select C:\windows
3. EXPAND The d:\i386\mup.sy_ file to C:\windows\system32\drivers folder
4. boot up in Safe Mode
5. wait until it hangs at mup.sys
6. Remove mouse from the usb port
7. Wait a few seconds.
8.If boot options appear reboot normally.
if not -restart in Safe Mode
9. Insert mouse into first usb port after restart.

Possibly an odd solution to an odd problem

Good Luck !

i have no mouse connected. i have no operating system on the hdd. when i try to load windows after the files are loaded the computer freezes. when the os was on the hdd i could not reach the recovery console from the disk. i have never seen a problem like this.

Try this trick. It worked for me once when my OS got corrupt registry:

Disable HD in BIOS and boot from CD.

Otherwise, it would freeze when the setup program would check for installed windows...

This is a long shot (different error messages/behaviour), but it is worth a try.

(I still think that you should toggle advanced power management settings in BIOS)

I repaired a system with a Nvidia GS7***GS series card ,which for no obvious reason malfunctioned occasionally-causing the system to freeze on boot.I replaced the card and all was well.

i was afraid of that. not sure how much dell wants for one but i am sure its over 300 and i can get a new laptop for a little more then that.

called dell to get pricing on another graphics card. $550!. so they offered an extra year warranty for 150. i bought that right up and off my laptop goes to dell to be fixed. that works for me :)

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