Help, Ok the machine would not boot up last week. Thanks to this web someone said "shake" the machine or "drop it 2-3 inches". Unwillingly but a last resort I did the drop method. GREAT it booted up!! And that's how it has been over the weekend. So on Monday I took it to the local Computer shop and told them the problem, which they stated "STICKING HARD DRIVE" this sounded quite promising. They said they could CLONE my old hard drive and fit a new 40Gb drive for £110, not too bad so I agreed.

Today I got a call from the SHOP who said "new drive fitted, but same problem!!", "something must be wrong on the MAIN BOARD, possibily a component.".......... I work in electronics surely it must be a mechanical component or dry joint, due to the fact it boots when dropped, that is why I ask you guys or girls to help me out.

One other piece of info, I've not had the problem if I've used the HIBENATE on the laptop instead of the TURN OFF/SHUT DOWN. Again to me this points to the hard drive.............

Any help, solutions, replies would be of great help. Thanks,


Hi, well, i'm a computer Technician, i'm from Mexico, so, sorry about my mispelling, i have one of this Presario 700, and i know at least 2-3 guys with same issue, we have read a lot about this particular problem, and haven't resolved it, we believe as many in here, that may be a lose contact between processor pins and the processor Socket, since the only working solution appears to be dissasembling the procesor socket that is made of some kind of plastic and see the way to make every pin socket tight so when processor is re-inserted it will be always good contact. on the other hand when my laptop is working, it can be like that for many hours, i have even tapped a little, or hited and won't stop working, so that may be against this theory of lose processor, because if it is working and we hit the machine it could result on lose contact on pin processor wich can cause frezzing on windows or even re-starting. the other thing to consider is that may be a video card (graphic card) issue, Memory (the one installed, soldered on MB) on both cases we are fried because both of them are within the Motherboard, soldered.
I'm going to try to do the pin socket tightened and let you know how it went, i have nothing to lose, well a sometimes working machine, wich can be sold as "for parts" and make some good money of it.
i'll stay in contact


Thanks for the reply.
This morning the computer wouldn't boot even though I changed the boot sequence. So I tried again and pressed down several keys above the processor chip (keys 3,4,5,E,R,T,D,F,G) and the machine booted up. So I think this common processor problem has some truth.

I stripped the laptop down last week and removed the heat shield. I saw that there was a small piece of material that sandwhiched the processor down beneath the heat shield. Can I replace this?

Cheers, by the way your English was very good.

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