What's the best settings?

I just popped my Samsung SyncMaster 172x 17" TFT LCD monitor out of its box, and yes it has both analog and digital :cheesy: First thing I noticed was that the factory settings were intended to blind me, since the brightness was so high ;) ANd the screen just doesn't quite look "right"

So I've fiddled with the settings some, and it definitely looks better now, but I was wondering if someone has some expertise on setting up LCD displays to an accepted "norm" or standard. The settings are all based on a scale of 1-100, but with different manufacturers and specs what are good figures to use?


Many LCD displays have an auto-config feature that tweaks the screen to the right dimensions and alignment, either in button form or when you turn it on.

I don't think there's any standard for other monitor settings though, since everyone's eyes are different. One setting that's comfortable for some may be head-splitting for others. It's really up to you to twiddle with the settings to get your definition of "right".