I own a maxtor 120gb 7200 ulta ata/133 hard drive. I have used it for the last 3 months without any problems. I am using it for video editing purposes and have large files on it. This morning, my computer would not recognize it. It comes back with E: not accessible. I checked the plugs. Nothing. I have a laptop XP and cannot run PowerMax since I don't have a floppy drive. I am new to PC world (ex Mac-user) and I am afraid that I might have lost 3 long months of work. Please help me!!!

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Ok here could be the problem. Most likly your files are still on the hardrive so all is not lost. Try plugging your USB into another port on your computer. It should identify it, install the right drivers, and work. It will not be formatted UNLESS you tell it to in an option. So watch out. In the mean time, i'll try to find some guides for you.


Thank God atleast I have not lost any files. I plugged into another port, reinstalled MaxBlast 3 and still the same message, E: drive is not accessible, the parameter is incorrect.

I appreciate all your help.

Thank you.

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