im new to overclocking....i want to push my cpu to perform a bit faster not to the limits though.....can someone plese tell me a step by step way to do this to my cpu? :o
These are my systems specs:
amd semprom 3000+
MSI K7N2 Delta-L
2 pc3200 512mb RAM
60gig hd
ATI radeon x700 pro

thanx for those replies im going to read them verry thourough....before i do this can i use the same fan the cpu came with? case already has 5 fans

I can't see any reason not to, just monitor your temps.

should there be any reason why my semprom 3000+ cpu shows up as a athlon mp 1.2ghz?????

some 1 please help since i got my MOBO back on line the cpu's top speed is 1.2ghz....i was at 2ghz before i tried to overclock my cpu....i had to clear the cmos with the jumper and since then i cant change no defaults..... my specs are on my profile :-|

thanx to any7 1 who tried to help i fixed my problem...

try to overclock again maybee ?

since i overclocked my cpu 10% my video card started giving me problems...while playing battlefield 2 my monitor goes black but i can still hear the game my system is still stable just my graphix card does there any settings u guys think i should change?

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