Computer was working fine, lights went out and then know all I get is bios, a bunch of dollar signs and vistas please wait screen after 10 to 15 minutes I get the blue screen of death. I think it is virus, maleware or bad video card any body have a idea.

Press the "esc" key during booting and you should be able to see additional information.

You'll probably need to download a Vista recovery DVD.

Look under the heading "Getting the ISO".

Burn it to a DVD using "ISO Recorder". Boot from it, then do the following:

-Click "Next"
-Click "Repair your computer"
Microsoft Windows Vista should show up. If not, let me know.
-Click "Next"
-Click "Command Prompt"

type the following:

>chkdsk c: /f /r

when that finishes type:

>bootrec /FixMBR
>bootrec /FixBoot


Eject your dvd and click "Restart".

I tried reformatting but still getting the same screen.

How did you "try reformatting"? What exactly have you done? I suppose that it is possible that a power spike occured and if you weren't using a surge protector that it caused damage to your computer. But let's check out some other things first.

I reformatted from recovery dvd and recovery partition. I tried both ways. Tried to install windows vista but now it will not finish, I know this because I tried to go into safe mode and it said that windows installation not completed. What should I try next?

You probably didn't let it finish. Not sure about Sony's recovery process, but I recovered my computer with recovery disks from another manufacturer and it took 4-6 hrs. It may reboot multiple times during this process and it may appear to be finished, but it won't be finished until it either says it's finished or you get a message saying welcome to Windows.

A bunch of dollar signs?

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