Ok. I have a Acer Laptop. I don't have the make or model in front of me. I'm actually at work. The other night I had my laptop on and open. My kitten was niffing around. He walked across it, nothing new. Then he laid down next to it. I think he liked the warmth. So I X'd out of the internet so that if he touched any keys I wouldn't wind up on some crazy website. So he laid very close to the laptop with probably a little bit of his upper body and lower body leaning on the leftside of the keypad. I didn't think that he pressed anything because nothing was happening. But when I waved him away and tried to get back on the curser wasn't moving. I tried it with both the pad and a wireless mouse. I don't know if it's possible that the kitten may have leaned on a few keys that in succsession would cause the curser to become inactive. Please advise if you can.

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Your cat might have had static in its fur that caused a disruption...just kidding. Maybe some fur got caught under the keys? Maybe the cat has dribbled into the keyboard?

Try cleaning the keyboard, maybe a blower to loosen any fluff that might be caught between the keys.

Cats and children should not be allowed to play with laptops.

Have you tried to use the keycombination Fn+F7 (my girlfriend is using an Acer and that's the keycombi). This combination enables or disables the touchpad. Not sure why the mouse isn't working, but it's worth a shot.

Good luck.

my mouse is not working. i use desktop computers!!

I have the same problem with my Acer Aspire one. I've noticed that the touch pad will work if I reboot and stay off the internet. Once I get online, the touch pad stops working and I have to connect a usb plug in mouse.

hello i am having a problem my keypad and keyboard stoppedworking and i think its because i had plug in the usb mouse and the usb keyboard when i was checking to see if they work its a toshiba with windows 7 (Satellite L505) can anyone help me im not a computer expert

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