I just got a laptop from Gateway with Windows XP Pro installed. I have wireless router and the new laptop will not find my conncton so i downloaded new INtel Pro/Wireless 2200bg driver software. After it's installed, it has a window coming up but everything is disabled and its X'ed and colored in black. The bottom says Wireless is off, so i click on turn wireless on. Then it comes out a warning says The intel pro/wireless network connection is still disabled. Use your hardware switch to enable it. I ca't find the hardware switch. Can some one please tell me?

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If you can't find a phisical hardware switch, try to look for a "FN + <Some Button>" key combination on your keyboard.

Buttons for FN combination are normally printed with different color (same as your FN key's color) on your keyboard, in this case look for something with a simbol such as a wireless antena. Hope this can help.

Try the instruction manual. There normally quite informative of things like that.;)

yes, my dell is fn f2. Also, check and make sure wireless in enabled in your bios. Check along the sides of the case for a switch though also, some have the switch too.

I have the same problem. It tells me I nead to enable my hardware swtich. However there is no external hardware switch, and no fn+ combos work.
I have an Alienware area 51 m5790
Any advise??

I have the same problem. It tells me I nead to enable my hardware swtich. However there is no external hardware switch, and no Fn+ combos work.
I have an Alienware area 51 m5790
Any advise??

I have got same problem with my Laptop Toshiba Satellite 100-785

dont downlaod the generic intel ones - download the driver from the laptiop manufatures site. The intel ones are generic and your laptop may or may not have things it requires (e.g a h/w switch) whereas your manufatures one is specically designed for your system , so it will not refer to things you dont have


I am an Alienware/Voodoo Tech Connasieur (sp).
There is no "Switch". Switch is just the term they use as referring to the internal counterpart of the "button" you are supposed to push. lol

Why they do this I have no idea.
It beats the hell out of me.

Anyways, to get to the point:
There are 4 buttons above the keyboard of your Alienware/Voodoo laptop. (internet) (>) ("Hardware Switch") (Power)

Well, I just thought I'd let you know in case you guys were getting frustrated with the Fn+(w/e) crap. Because not every computer is set up for use with that function.

If anyone needs any future help with any Tech problems with their Alienware of Voodoo laptop feel free to e-mail me at:


Hope this helped.
~Nova-Osiris Kostyz

thank you nobia-osiris you made the most sense to me and I understood what you meant and was able to fix the problem so thanks alot again.

I have the answer to all of your concerns. Throw your fuckin PC in the goddamn landfill where it belongs and get a computer that doesn't require all the fucking around, AN APPLE COMPUTER!

Are you being stupid because you feel it will make you more popular. Or are you really an asshole who does not have anything better to do than fuck around and only do stupid stuff. please grow some balls and help solve problems, don't just act without thinking. this website is for people who need solutions to problems. So assholes are not needed.

me too, i have same problem. i have nec versa m320, my network intel wireless 2200bg, after i click button wifi on but radio still off. help me please

dell latitude d810 hardware radio switch

dell latitude d810 hardware radio switch

There is no hardware radio switch and the fn+f2 does not work! Please help!

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