Hello, I'm posting this on behalf of my brother. He was using some kind of crack to get a program he wanted when his computer stopped working properly. He thought he had some kind of virus and for some reason removed his E drive to see if this fixed the problem. It of course didn't, but did promptly kill his computer. He then put it back in, and it still did not work. I am not sure what he did, but he got the computer running again, but explorer.exe will not open so all he has is a desk top background, he can open up task manager, and that's about it. He has no icons, no takse bar, no start menu etc. You get the point.

Anyone have any idea what is wrong with his computer. I'd really appreciate the help if anyone can help.

He can't run any programs like internet explorer .. he tried running his virus scanner but it didn't work right. Oh well, I'd appreciate the help.


The price paid for trying to illegally obtain software! No sympathy from this direction, and the best thing to do in that situation is to format, install windows and all (legitimate) software again and learn the lesson!

Don't pirate software! Cracks and downloaded programs often carry hidden 'nasties'!

Hah, that's what I keep telling him. :) However he was being cranky to me so I figured I'd try and help him out. Oh well, I think he figured something out with one of his computer 'savvy' friends. Thanks for your help though, its muchly appreciate it. I'll tell him to stop stealing stuf =P