Can someone give me some help in identifying my video card? I've added an extra computer to my net and loaded it up from scratch. Win2Kpro and it id's as a generic VGA, so the system can't find a driver for it. I've got a display but it's not very good.

I've tried all the ways suggested on the web sites I've found, looking on startup at POST (not there), actually looking at the card (there's a serial number - C11F044412 2002) but no Identifiers that I can see.

Funny thing is that I tried to change it out for a 3DFX card that I have but it give some funny beeps on startup and won't boot.

Any suggestions appreciated and thanks,


I don't suppose you could photograph the card?

Or you could try a system information tool like Everest.

I don't have a digital camera. However, good suggestion on Everest. I ran that and it gave me ATI RV100 DDR. I went to the ATI site but they don't have that listed????

So I searched on the internet and found a driver for it and loaded it. No display. I came up in VGA mode and the card had a name, etc., driver listed, but it just won´t work in normal mode. I´ve uninstalled the driver and I´m back to the original problem.


Oh, I forgot. When I come up in normal mode now, Win2kpro finds new hardware. It searches for a driver, finds something called oem2, when I restart, no display. It doesn´t seem to be the driver I download for ATI but nevertheless, it doesn´t work.

Most of those require Direct X to work. Install generic vga drivers, then directx then the oem driver

No, no dice. Loaded DirectX 9 and then the oem drivers and display. I'm guessing I have the wrong driver but...

When I run everest, it is specific: ATI RV100 DDR

On the ATI web site there is no such card listed, even under discontinued products. However, I can find several references to this card if I do a search and several references to drivers for it. That´s where I got the driver I´m trying. It´s supposed to be for a lot of cards, including this RV100. I did go to and they can´t find a driver referenced for RV100 either. So I´m confused.

something else weird happens when I try to install a 3DFX boards I have. It should work great, I had it in another computer for a Nanao 20 inch monitor. But in this computer when I turn it on there is a long and then 3 short beeps and the monitor doesn´t repond. I appears the computer is starting up, I just have no monitor. When I put the other video card back in, I get the same. After several on and off cycles, I finally get the single beep and the monitor starts...after that no problems.

I´m thinking this mother board is messed up. I could take the whole mess apart and try another computer frame that I have scavanged, but the processor is a little slower and I don´t want to go to all that trouble just becaus I can´t get a video board to work. Other ideas?


As far as I can tell, you have an ATI Radeon 7000 video card. Therefore, this driver should be the one you need.

I did not understand at first that the main Radeon driver would work with any Radeon card, no matter how old. And when at last I did, I got a bad download. Now all is well, I got a good download and everything is working. Thanks to those who helped.


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