looking for an experienced team to help us with enhance our our concept in the edutainment line. We are interested buying interactive screens - hardware and software, kiosks computers etc.

Our intention was to have an interactive screen where kids can answer questions which are science or general knowledge based.

Please contact me if anyone knows of companies dealing in the above mention products.

Here are some links I found when working on a similar idea. Depending on kiosk size, you may not need a mini-ITX board, a normal sized board may work for you.


The touch screens work like normal LCD monitors but have sensors on them that usually attach via USB and act like a mouse.

Then you write your software as you normally would for any application (remember to make the buttons big enough to touch on-screen).

If it needs to be 100% uptime, look into watchdog timers or write the software to run as a service.

Solid state storage might be a good idea also, as it's cool, quiet, reliable and more shock-resistant.

Another consideration would be which operating system you want the system to be running (Windows vs Linux, embedded vs not embedded, etc.)

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