Could someone here please guide me. I just bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite P25 Series Laptop a couple of months ago. The past two days I have been seeing this one vertical line flickering and disappearing on the screen. Now it has become constant and is light blue in colour.

What is it and what can I do I about it?

Your advice and insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Is the line visible even before Windows starts up (that is, is it present from the moment you turn the laptop on)? If so, you should take it to the dealer or an authorized service center for a diagnosis; that symptom would most likely indicate a hardware problem.

If the problem isn't visible until Windows actually boots up, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the video drivers, but my hunch would still be that you've got a hardware defect.

I wanted to send a belated thank you for your reply. I appreciated it. Suprisingly, the vertical line disappeared and has not reappeared since - touch wood!

Hey good to hear your line disappeared cause guess what I've just bought a new Toshiba Satellite also, and out of nowhere a stinking line appeared from top to bottom of the screen. pretty thin but annoying all the same.. How long did it take for your Toshiba's screen to stop being line-ridden??

please say not long haha :)

Sorry to take so long to reply to you dawery! That vertical sure is annoying - I am sorry to hear that you have to deal with it too! Seems to be a glitch with the Toshiba Satellite - great machine so how could they have allowed something like that to occur?!

Anyway, the line remained on my monitor for approximately a month. It came and went, then became constant and finally disappeared altogether. I was so relieved as I was wondering what the heck to do about replacing my screen! :lol: I hope it disappears for you too! Good luck!

hey cheers for your reply, the line has gone away.. but only after I sent it back to my nearest Toshiba service centre. They came and took my satellite away and dropped it off good as new.
I figured it's not meant to have the line, I didn't pay for a line, so they should make it go away for free haha.

It works fine now anyhow :lol:

Glad it worked out for you. And aren't you lucky that you have a "nearest Toshiba service centre" -where I am there are none! Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. I got absolutely no help from the computer people here! In fact there were like that's the way it's supposed to be! :mad: Crazy. Of course you shouldn't pay for it! I mean what a expensive machine and then to have to deal with that!!

So I got lucky because what a hassle that would be for me! I would just have to order a new monitor from Toshiba and pay for it!!

Phew! :mrgreen:

Cool. take care.

I found your thread today after a google search. My Toshiba now has 8 verticle lines and it seems to add one about every 3 weeks. My laptop is no longer under warranty so I guess I'm stuck. They are not going away.

I just noticed a second line appeared in my lap top last night. The first appeared a month ago or so. I also have a Toshiba. I thought it was my Sims game causing it. I don't suppose you all play Sims 2? If you don't, then the lines are not my fault for playing sims on my computer ;)

I thought it was my Sims game causing it. I don't suppose you all play Sims 2? If you don't, then the lines are not my fault for playing sims on my computer

sims could have overheated your GPU

Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy.

The computer over heated some 4 months ago, but I had no problems after that. It just scared me a bit. I've since bought something that cools the computer from the bottom and the computer doesn't get so hot.

so this thread is solved?

I have those lines y my qosmio g35 what i would like to know if it is the flex or the screen.

Thanks in advance for the help

i have 4 red fine lines on my screen and two wavy-like running lines(?)
do you think if i bring it to toshiba, i will pay for a hardware or it will just be solve through some check-ups????

i put a book on my key board part of my laptop to stop my cats from steeping on it and when i got home they had bush down the screen now there is a big black dot and lots of lines on my screen i cant really see any thing is there any way for me to fix it

I had d same problem but somewhat different in my toshiba satellite A60... . My toshiba on boot up, the first screen Comes with some vertical lines (ONLY ON THE TEXTed AREA) then after that none of windows going to load and if i try in safe mode then 2file loads then error. then restart. Then At that time i was so angry that i gone mad making my laptop beating with hands and suddenly when i beatd at the speaker's point right bottom of keyboard ...surprisingly the lines disappear but only for that time when i pressurize with my hand ...somebodey plz help.

i also bought toshiba laptop in june 2012 and a vertical blue line appeared and automatically disappeared. if it is due overheating we can take care in many ways but not clear reason is this only. wonder why can't toshiba people comment on this. my friend had it on soni but it was after two years and he had to go for new screen.

it seems you have been decieved by the laptop seller

ive got a sony vaio, i was playing music and put the screen down so that the light would not annoy me. About half an hour later, I was gonna turn it off but there was this great big line down the screen. It is about an inch and a half wide.I turned it off and on again, but that didn't help!
P.s the laptop was very hot when i turned it off.

my laptop is having micro phone problem when ever i connet my ear-piece
a very big
sound will be coming out of the system

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