I'm a bit confused with what I need to get what I want here.

Fist I should let you know about the setup here.
My house has only normal cable, so for any HD content I would net to get the broadcast version.

Do TV tuner cards include a built-in antenna? Or would I need to get one and plug it in to the card?

And of that's the case, I'm having trouble finding cards with 2 inputs. In this case I would need the antenna input (so I could get the broadcast channels in HD instead of SD) as well as one for cable (which I realize is only SD, but better then no-D lol).

All the cards I've found from poking around Newegg have only the one input, which leads me to believe they all assume everyone who wants a TV tuner card has digital cable/satellite.

So, can anyone recommend (preferably from Newegg) a TV card that either has a built-in antenna or has 2 inputs that would accommodate an antenna input as well as a standard cable input?

I don't care about is having more than one tuner- I don't plan on recording. I do prefer PCI-e over standard PCI, obviously. System req's are not a concern as I have a rather beastly machine.

Hi memebers ..........................................................................................
have a Dvico FusionHDTV7 Dual Express that supports QAM but VMC does not recognize the QAM functionality in the Tuner Setup.

I did run the TV Pack update over an already in use Media Center setup and don't know if this would really effect the setup. I have the card currently setup as a Dual ATSC tuner and seems to work as normal with the update. I wish I could get QAM working though.

Does any body esle have experience with this card or a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-2250 running QAM with the TV Pack 2008 update in Media Center?

by regards
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