Hello, all. I'm a relative amateur when it comes to all things IT related so I'm hoping I can find some much needed assistance here. I'll get right to specifics.

Motherboard: MSI G31TM-P35
Chip: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 Dual Core
Power supply: Dynex 400W
Monitor: Dell 20' flat screen
HDD: Western Digital 500GB / Western Digital 160GB
Video Card: NVidia XFX 8500GT 512MB DDR2
OS: Windows 7 Professional (new install)

I'm using the aforementioned PC as I type this post. Currently, I'm running the onboard video card and everything works properly. Unfortunately, I have a few applications and games that my onboard can't handle so I'd like to be able to use my nvidia. I recently replaced the motherboard and power supply after a nasty power surge fried both (I also bought a battery backup as a result). I was running Vista64 prior to the burnout, but it was a memory leaking POS so I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 64 when I purchased the new motherboard, powersup, and HDD. I've got the old HDD slaved so I can retrieve stored information from it at my leisure. Anyway, after installing Windows 7 and new drivers for the motherboard, etc.. I booted the PC on the onboard video and everything was fine. I powered down and then added the nvidia to the PCI-E slot and rebooted. Initially, the hardware wizard detected the new card and I installed the appropriate drivers. I booted again with the monitor hooked up to the nvidia and it worked like a charm. Games worked, etc.. It was great... until I ran windows updates. My PC hung on the 17th of 23 updates for about an hour. Eventually, I performed a hard reboot and couldn't get my monitor to come out of power save mode. I can't see POST or anything else but I can tell that windows is booting properly. I even hear the windows boot noises, etc.. My keyboard is responsive and I can even tell when I'm at the windows password screen by the noise I hear. I type in my password and then hear as windows loads, but I can't see anything.

After some trouble shooting, I removed the video card completely and booted on the onboard video. The monitor is not stuck in power save mode. I've messed around in BIOS, change my power save settings, made sure I've selected PCI-E as opposed to internal and the like. For whatever reason though, when I add the video card back to the PCI-E slot, even if I've got the monitor hooked up to the onboard, I get stuck in power save mode everytime I boot the PC. I can only boot it without the nvidia in the slot.

I've reseated everything, disconnected all unecessary items but the video card and tried to boot to no avail. Any information would be much appreciated.


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FYI, I've also removed the nvidia drivers I installed when the card was recognized. I've heard indirectly that it may be windows drivers that were installed when I ran windows update. I understand that windows, by default, will always think the drivers it installed are the most updated versions even if they're not. Should I track down those drivers and uninstall them and, if so, how do I locate the ones I'm looking for? I could be on the wrong track, though.

from what I understand Nvidia power mizer and Win 7 power settings butt heads so fix is to disable Nvidia power mizer this fixed video problems for me after vista to Win 7 upgrade. the tool I used-Nv GPU Pro it is a freeware app. Later---

Thanks for the advice. That very well may help the issue. Unfortunately, I can't install nv-gpu pro completely without the NVIDIA card actually in the PCI-E slot. If I put the card in the slot, however, I can't see anything when I boot the computer because the monitor is stuck in power save. I've even tried slapping the card in while the PC is booted, but it won't recognize the card. I'm not sure, but I'm about ready to slap the video card in a friend's computer to see if the GPU is fried.

It may well be turtle dust. best bet like you said test in another computer.even if fried better to find out than bang head on key board that breaks key board & makes head hurt. Good Luck. Later---

hi, I have upgraded my graphics card on my dell dimension 4550 pc to a geforce 6600gt and when I powered up the monitor says in power safe mode i have done what the message said pressed any key and still stays in that mode. any ideas how to solve this issue

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