I have an old hp laptop, it's an HP Pavilion ZD7010US Notebook PC, when I plug in the power cord, i have to fiddle around to get a (for lack of a better word) connection between the laptop and power supply

I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction to buy a replacement power cord or any other idea would be Greatly appreciated,

Thank you,

ps, I've included some pictures:
and, yes, the screen is cracked

From your description and from knowing someone who had a similar problem, I will guess that a new cord most likely will not help. It sounds like you have a loose power socket IN the laptop, on the motherboard. In that case you will need to do what my friend did - take apart the laptop and solder the power socket back to the board. One of your pictures does show that your power cord is a little bent, but it is still more likely for the power socket to be damaged.

However, that is just a guess and it may be a loose connection in the cord itself. In any case, the bottom line is that a little more testing needs to be done before you spend money on a new cord. What do you "fiddle around" - the cord in general, or the connector at the motherboard? The plug inside the motherboard or the cable right before that plug (where it's slightly bent in the pictures)? Can you do it yourself or can you find someone with a multimeter to test the power cord to see if there are power interruptions when you twist it?

My friend's power socket eventually broke loose again and he just got himself a better laptop.

well, what I do when I "Fiddle around" with is, that i take the cord and put in different positions. I like, push up up it until i can successfully get the power light to stay on, recently, even that hasn't been working

Also, when I was looking at the cord, when it was out of the laptop, and I pushed it, I heard some sort of electrical buzzing sound, I don't know if it helps, but yea..

Thanks a lot,

Can someone help?

Thank you,

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08-25-2009 10:49 AM

I've been through several power cords for my Pavilion DV2000Z laptop. A couple of them felt as though they overheated. The biggest problem has been that they fail to supply power to the notebook. I make all the connections, no power. I find that I need to wiggle the connections and/or shake the entire cord in order to get the cord in just the right position that it will supply power.

A little while ago, I heard a crackling, like electrical sparks. I leaned down to the power cord and smelled burning plastic. I un plugged the cord, waited a few moments, and plugged it in again. I found when I wiggled the portion of the cord running from the outlet to the power control box that I continued to hear the crackling.

The technician gave me a link to find an HP service center near me, and with a 900-mile search, there's nothing around here. I told them this, and now they're having me call telephone support... wish me luck with that. *Rolleyes*

I've had a few other problems with this computer that have been solved quickly and efficiently, but this power cord issue is never ending, and it seems as though all my replacements have been refurbished. This is the first HP laptop I've bought, and the last... my next one will be a Lenovo/ThinkPad.
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