Hello Everyone,

I am in dire need of help for my laptop. Its a toshiba satellite. I started having problems right after i installed dreamweaver on it. Actually, maybe a day or two later. The symptoms sound like a hardware problem, so i'm not sure if that installation was a coincidence or what. Basically, I got one blue screen that said something about if you installed a new program, its causing problems and something about a driver. Then the computer shut off before I could finish reading the blue sceen. After that, it booted well, but then blinked the blue screen and shut off. After that, it got worse, it wouldn't turn on at all. Then, I took out the battery and tried to turn it on, and it worked, but the @$%! blue screen blinked again. You know how this goes...i turned it on again, and this time, it gave me really odd rainbow colors across the screen before it died a final time. I can't seem to turn it on again. The power light comes on, but I hear nothing and the accessing harddrive light does not come on. Does this sound like a Bios problem? Do you think its my motherboard? I'm going to try and find a screwdriver and blow on the memmory (i'm an amateur really no idea how to fix these things, but can't afford to take it to Toshiba to fix for me). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. =)

May we the techs keep you protected from the evil BSOD's even the knock-offs like this one...

Sorry bud.. but I don't really like the sound of your problem and don't really know what to say...

It sounds almost like a BSOD(Blue Screen of Death), but it would have to be one of the newer things that some kid in NC built in his spare time.. oh how I wish I could ring his little neck..

Though it could just be a Microsoft error.

Why don't you try taking the battery out. Hold the power button for one minute then Try to reboot. without and then with the battery.

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