Ok here is the what has happened... In the past few weeks, I have noticed that everytime I start my PC I have to change my CMOs. It kept telling me that it couldn't boot from the Floppy drive, the thing is my PC doesn't have a Floppy drive and I had it that way in the CMO setup.

On Friday when I press the start botton it was starting and on the boot process it gave me a Floppy error, which I didn't write down thinking I can just hit reset and it would come on, but it didn't work!

Now the components in the PC turn on, but the monitor shows no signal!

Could this be the PSU?

The only reason I ask if its the PSU is because I tried a different MOBO, but it did the same thing...

Any help will be appreciated!!!

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I suppose you used the same hard drive?

I would suspect your hard drive is at fault.

You would be better off trying a Linux Live CD. Is you hard drive detected in the BIOS?

- let us know how it goes.

When I first started to get the errors, I checked all the components and everyone of them checked out ok!

No, I tried my old setup that used to work, with the old HDD, old MOBO, old Graphics card and even my old Memory, thats why I am thinking its the PSU... I should, I guess I could always go and buy a PSU tester, and get my theory out of the way! ;)

Though any useful advise its welcome... like they say the more ideas the better!

Can you access the BIOS?

No, it won't start boot at all... everything else comes alive except the monitor, the mouse and the keyboard. I can't get into anything!

So when you press the power button nothing happens?

and you get no beeps or anything?

have you tried swapping individual components? I don't suppose you have a PSU swap about either.

It maybe difficult to find out which component is faulty but if you have tried another motherboard with its own hard drive, cpu etc... then it could be the PSU.

Yes, I don't get any beeps nor anything that gives me a clue of whats wrong! :S

You should test the voltages on your PSU to confirm it but it sounds like your power supply is toast

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