Hey guys,
I am not sure if this is the right forum ornot.
I have a customer with a Dell D830 Laptop
with Vista on it.
He is using a Sprint 3G Wireless USB Device.
Every time the "Sprint Smart View" software opens it gives him the following error message.
"There has been a corruption on the "Feature ManagerSettings" a backup has been loaded."

I have done some research on the web and found numerous entries stating to uninstall it and re-install the Sprint Software (or an updated version). I downloaded the latest version of the software, did an uninstall and installed the new version, but I still have the error message on startup of the program.
It does not affect the functionality of the program, but is just annoying having it pop up every time you start the program.
Does anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this other than what I have already tried?

BTW he is also running the JAWS program for Visually Impaired people on the computer, and has a script that enables the "ctrl+`" hot key to move the cursor to the location of the connect button and left click it, when he wants to connect to the 3G service.
I doubt this is causing any issues, but figured I would add it for infomative purposes.

Thanks in advance.


siiloy idea ut just check in yourstart up programs,n there might be one one that doesjust what you do not want!