I have a hp pavilion dv9823cl ... recently the laptop suddenly showed me the error message Operating System not found.. And i noticed in the bios that the harddrive wasnt detected either. I changed the harddrive from the primary slot to the secondary one the laptop had ... and on doing that the harddisk was detected. The problem now is the laptop will not boot from the harddisk as it is in the secondary slot. I wanted to know the possible causes for this and if there is any way to make the laptop boot from the secondary bay (which still has the same harddisk) .. i managed to format the drive and copy the setup files for windows xp onto it using a usb but after the restart the machine will not boot frm the drive since it is in the secondary bay. Also the bios does not have an option as to which harddisk to boot from.


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The first thing I would try is to put it back in the primary slot and try it again. Sometimes, re-seating it is enough to have it recognized. I am surprised that you can't get into the bios and change the boot order. If you have another boot-able drive you might want to try it in the primary slot to see if it will work. If necessary, hard drives are cheap enough that you could buy another one put it in the primary slot, put in your windows cd, let it boot from the cd and see if you can load windows onto the new hard drive. I went through a similar sequence when I was having problems with my dv9200 and it refused to boot from the existing hard drive. I was able to format & load the new disk and I was eventually able to swap the old disk back in and boot from that as well. It wasn't totally logical and there was another problem on the machine but eventually I did get it all working.

Did chrishea's post help you? If it did, mark this thread as solved, if not, what is happening now?

Hi all,
I don't think the OP is coming back but according to his post he formatted his hard drive and copied, not installed, the set up files to his HD. If he actually did as he said, it will never boot no matter where he puts it. If he has one (I doubt he has) he need to install Windows from his OS CD.

i managed to format the drive and copy the setup files for windows xp onto it using a usb but after the restart the machine will not boot

Hi this may be completely different from the original string. but i also have an HP Pavillion laptop, when i turn it on, all i hear is 1 long beep followed by 2 short ones, the fan turns on but the monitor wont even show anything. the beeping just recycles until i turn the laptop off. please help

robbie r:

Glad to see you looked for a simular post before starting a new one; in this case you should start a new one. When we change the focus of the discussion it is called "hijacking a thread." The idea is to keep things organized and focused toward a resolution. I'll be looking for your thread . . . Why not name it something like, "HP beeps but will not boot," and post it in "Dead Machines."

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