I currently am using a dual screen monitor setup of two 19 inch monitors. They are both the same monitor. The model is one of these, I'm not sure which.



So anyway, I recently changed my desktop wallpaper and I noticed that there are streaks going down both of them vertically. At first I thought this was just how the image looked but I noticed that when I moved the image around, the streaks remained stationary. The streaks are unnoticeable on any other image, I don't know what makes this image so special. I cropped a small section of it if you're curious what the image looks like. It's pretty much just plain gradient.


I did google a bit and nothing I tried helped. I made sure all connections were tight and secure. I ran the NVidia SmartScan on their website and DID find an update for my graphics driver, but after installing it, the problem persisted.

I find it curious that the problem is happen on BOTH monitors rather than just one though. Although the streaks do seem to be a higher intensity on one monitor over the other. This almost leads me to believe that the monitors are just well....kind of crappy. They were a pretty low price, which is why I bought them. I'm willing to accept this though, as I can just change the wallpaper back. Out of sight out of mind. I just wanted to make absolutely sure there was nothing I could do to fix this, rather than acquiesce immediately.

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non issue ,something wrong with the image not the monitors ,and your attachment is nothing but black

non issue ,something wrong with the image not the monitors ,and your attachment is nothing but black

But when I move the images around the screen, the bars remain in a stationary position on the screen. It could not possibly be the image. The image is a dark gradient. It may appear black on some monitors but if you open it in paint or photoshop or something and use the dropper tool to select colors, you can check their RGB values to see they are indeed different.

Anyway I was recently told this is a problem known as banding, which is found in cheaper monitors so I'm willing to accept this and consider this issue solved.

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