I am looking for a hardware/software solution to enable a single computer to output display to a matrix of 9/12/16 LCD monitor or TV screens.

Thanx in advance.

do you want each screen to be part of the desktop or each screen to display a duplicate of the desktop?

I want it to work it in following two ways :

1. Each of the screen can be an extended desktop with separate browser instances open in each screen.(this is similar to the way we extend a laptop desktop on the aditional monitor).

2. The display matrix should also be able to display as part of the desktop (the entire desktop view is divided into 9 pieces and each display projecting a blown up piece of desktop.

For this to work you will need multiple versions of a card like this

Each one of these cards supports up to 4 different monitors so to get 9 or 12 you will need 3 cards, 4 for 16 which would require an extended atx board.

if you want you could also go the nvidia quadro cards.

to display the entire desktop across all the screens leave the cards separate ie. do not put them in crossfire or sli

Hope this helps

This is exactly what i was looking for. Appreciate your help and Thank you very much

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