I installed a demo of EA's Battlefield 2 on the PC earlier today and ever since the screen has been, well messed up. The game crashed at startup complaining about the grahics card.
The icons are now huge. I've switched res and this does solve the problem but the screen is then very jittery and to be honest I don't like the res. I prefer it how it was but for some reason the settings that I've always used are now messed up (thanks EA! Hehe). I've unistalled the demo and then tried to restart but the screen stays the same.
I've got the latest video drivers for my card (5.6) and I've also tried system restore (several different points) but each time the display stays the same.
I used to have the same display problem with my previos PC but a restore or restart would solve the problem. I've had no such luck with this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi ,
I can't be totally sure .. but.. looks like you need to totally uninstall your video card.. then..
re-install it (including the NEWEST drivers).
For more troubleshooting help.. check out the "Video" troubleshooting section at my sitE.. it'll take you thru it step by step.
Post back if you still need help.

Thanks for that... It did the trick!
Have a beer on me!

Your very welcome. :)
Please check your PMs


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