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Do you get a logo screen and can you get into the Bios?

Screen stays blank. Try this:
Remove the hard drive and cd if possible. Also remove all but 1 stick of ram if you can. Basically get the system down to where you're only booting the main board or as close as you can to it. If the screen still stays blank I would say it is either the video display or main board. If you have a monitor you can hook it to the laptop. I'm not sure what you have to press on this model but I think it is fn + f8 to turn on the Db15 port for the external monitor. If you still do not get anything when booting the bare board with an external monitor I would have to say the main board or video card is gone.

i have a toshiba tecra laptop of which doesnt boot at all. power led shows up but when power button is placed nothing comes up rather than hdd spine noisy, what might be the problem?

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There could be many reasons for your problem but a common and easy one to fix is the memory (RAM). While it normally gives you a series of beeps, that is not always the case. Remove the cover to your RAM, remove all the sticks of RAM and clean the contacts with a pencil eraser. Reinsert only one stick of RAM and try if no success try other stick in a different slot.
Another problem could be your battery, try booting with no battery in your machine and then with no mains power connected and see if there is a difference.
The list of possible causes goes on and on but they get harder to diagnose.

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