After updating ( somewhat) my video capabilities to a Ge force 6200 le graphic card ( bought brand new, AGP 526 mb in September of 2009. Me not expecting too much more than some, have recently run across a problem playing RPG video games that I had no problem playing with my Ge force 2 MX400..

Now don't get me wrong I am a 62 year old non-extreme gamer.. I like to play older dungeon basher RPGs..

When I first installed this card I was impressed with the quality of the video presentation but now three weeks into it I find my machine freezing and getting an infinite loop error while playing the same video games???. Along with this my monitor has started flashing on and off during 'normal' web surfing.. This latter problem re: surfing seems to be accompanied with a collapse of horizontal text lines in the current web page.. I started to run into this on a previous machine that I was using and thus changed monitors. When the recent problems occurred I swapped out several monitors albeit they are of similar vintage but nerveless work yet now they are exhibiting the same problems leading me to seek alternate solutions.

If anyone is willing to assist me I can post/generate a report of my system. I just thought it unnecessary to take up bandwidth here at this time.

I consider my myself an intermediate to better than average self taught PC user/techy/older guy if that helps..:)


If any "gamer nuts" living in Dad's basement feel the need to reply about 'The Best Video Card Out There' please don't. I am seeking PC knowledge not marketing..:)

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After updating ( somewhat) my video capabilities to a Ge force 6200 le graphic card ( bought brand new, AGP 526 mb .

Of course I meant "512 mb"...:)



I may have this sorted.. Uninstalled video card drivers and installed older ones..

I will post back after I try video game again.


I seem to have it sorted..

I uninstalled everything that had Nvidia in the name..Rebooted in safe mode.. Ran driver cleaner pro..Rebooted and installed older drivers from 2007 (94.24 version)..

This seems to have cleared up the freezing and BDOS... No more monitor on/off while surfing..

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