Hey guys. Ive got a (less than 4 years old) lenovo laptop. The HDD on it failed (click of death) about just before xmas. I replaced it soon after and that one is now showing 4kb of bad sectors a few months on. Makes me rage. Is it something i am doing? I mean, I have taken care this time to keep it in its padded bag when im taking it around, and i dont move it while it is on or sleeping, but i do do a lot of walking (im a student). Is this damaging it?

Any way to "fix" these 4kb of bad sectors (im guessing if its a hw fault , probably not)? And yes, i have done a chkdsk /f /r repeatedly. It is quite annoying as i need to shrink my NTFS partition to put linux on, but it wont let me because of the bad sectors.

I need a relaible disk ,but im loathed to buy a new one in case it goes bad again? Thoughts?

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This will be of no help with you problem but I have read reports (Not from WD) of western digital hard drives having a bad batch and they are producing loads of bad sectors.


Hey guys. Ive got a (less than 4 years old) lenovo laptop. The HDD on it failed (click of death) about just before xmas.

Your replaced HD is just over one month old. It should still be under guarantee. Bad sectors are signs of wear and a new HD should not display any of that within one month of installation unless you ran some really demanding testing programs (look in SIsSandra for info on that).
I hate to think that your repairman took advantage of you by installing a used/cheap/damaged/sub-standard HD. Any reputable repair man should replace your "new" faulty HD without question and without charge.


Thats the thing. I replaced it myself. I baught a brand new, sealed fujitsu drive. It did not have bad sectors when new.

I'm going to take it back for a refund, as yeah, it definately sholdnt do that after that short period of time. I'm just thinking that maybe its a problem with the laptop that keeps causing disks to fail? bad controller not properly parking the heads?

And thanks for the info bob, but it wasnt a WD that originall failed, it was a IBM/Hitatchi one (have had problems with these before but that was "back in the day")

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