I've just recently added the above graphics card & when I plug my camcorder into the firewire port my PC doesn't detect it. When going into the Device Manager it says that my IEE 1394 device has a 'Code 10 Cannot Start' error, this also applies to the WDM device.
I've searched other forums & they mention something about an IRQ issue but that is way above my head.
The card does have an internal firewire port which I have connected to the firewire extension within my case so that I can use the ports on top of the case rather than at the back (is this the problem).

Any help would be appreciated.

If your firewire device cannot be started chances are you have the wrong drivers for it, you should try your pc makers website.

If you could tell us more about your pc we might be able to find this for you.

My motherboard is a PCCHips M848ALU SKT AGPx8, I have been on their website & downloaded most drivers as when I first built the PC the sound driver was outdated but the others don't seem to be working. The other 'bits' of my PC are listed below.

Item: Ebuyer 512mb DDR PC3200 400MHz 184pin Extra Value Ram
Qty: 2
Item: Speeze 5F273B1L3 Raptorcool AMD CPU Cooler for upto Xp3200+ and
upto Sempron 3000+ Low Noise
Qty: 1
Item: Superflower SF-702T1-BL ATX Case in Blue With Side Window No PSU
Qty: 1
Item: Ebuyer 500w Power Supply Blue With Dual Fans
Qty: 1
Item: AMD Athlon XP3200+ 400mhz FSB 512 L2 Cache Barton CPU - OEM
Qty: 1
Item: PcChips M848ALU SKT A SIS 748 400 DDR AGPx8 ATA133 6CH
Sound/lAN/USB 2.0 will Take Upto a
3.2+ AMD Athlon XP And Sempron CPU's Retail Box
Qty: 1
XFX Geoforce FX5200 AGP8x 128mb DDR

any help.....