My HP Pavillion Laptop has been overheating for a few months, the fans seem to be working but extremely slowly, I hear them and feel hot air on my hand when I put my hand right next to the one back vent. I downloaded speed fan and my core temperature fluctuates between 79 C - 92 C with and average of about 86 C. I have no idea what to do and I don't want to melt my laptop.

The temperatures you mentioned are quite high. What specific model is your laptop? If its a DV2000/6000/9000 series with an NVIDIA GPU it'll likely fail in the future due to the overheating problem. One thing you can do is download the latest BIOS update and install it. This should make the fan spin faster. If this doesn't lower the temperature, take it to a good laptop repair shop and ask them to replace the thermal pad between the GPU and heatsink with a 2mm thick copper piece and apply good thermal paste. With this your running temperature should drop to around 55 degrees centigrade or less.

I'm an experienced professional in laptop repair and am telling you this from experience.

Good luck!

Hi its DV5 series with AMD CPU/GPU, ok thank you for the advice

Yes replace the termal paste will solve the problem. You can also clean up all the dust around the proc and other components, it will work also, than buy a good notebook pad.