I've been thinking about building a pc for a while, I need something that will be powerful enough for video editing and gaming. I've researched and looked around on the internet for different components. I've attached a .PDF file with a table with all the components on, I was wondering if I could get some advice on what I've chosen if e.g. if there's better components. At the moment its around £700 which i higher than my budget of £500 - £600.

I think this is a good build.
Don't you put budget for monitor?

I agree, looks like a good budget build.

I've been reading some reviews of the Phenom X2 550 BE and most seem to like it. The unlocked multiplier gives you good overclocking options down the road.

The difficulty with a build in this price range is that for most parts, just another 10 or 20 pounds gets you a better part.

The thing I'd look into is the motherboard. This is a 780 chipset. Can you get a 790 for a similar price? While I'm not very familiar with recent AMD chipsets, I hear the 790 is pretty good. This is not a recommendation, just something to think about.