Hi all,
I want to know the difference between laser jet and inkjet.Which one is better among this two?Can any one help me?

inkjet :
you fill inkjet printer..it can print for you 80-120pages. After that you again have to fill the ink..
in lasterjet printers are used when we have alot of work and we need printing pages on daily bases..then it is really useful.
it can print 1500-2500 pages with full ink..after that refill it..

both laserjet and inkjet inks prices are not so different a little difference between their ink prices..but have a huge difference in functioning..

Now the real problem lies the laserjet printers are really expensive as compared to inkjet printers..
in pakistan
normal inkjet printer is of Rs 3500/- to 5500/- but
laserjet printer new is from 6000-8000 in prices.. mean

i think its enough..right..