hey guys, im looking into overclocking my sempron 2500+ (1750mhz, max core speed 2200mhz)
heres the problem, my motherboard, asus A7S8X-MX does not have any option to change core speed in the bios, and the jumper settings are very limited.

i need something like softFSB but for XP.

i ideally wanted to do it hardware based and not software based.

ive got an aerocool ht-101 cpu cooler (think thats what it called) the current temp is 46C/114F, but it has been on for about 2 days downloading and playing games almost constantly.

any suggestions on a safe place to stop overclocking also?

well i used ClockGen to do my overclocking, i cant beleive i hadnt found this before.

ive now got it at 2000mhz core, with an fsb of 190ish.

i added another fan to my ht-101 to make it like a wind tunnel, with one blowing in one blowing out, and my idle temp 10 minutes after start up is 41C, then i played medieval 2 total war (ace game) for half an hour then ran 3DMARK03 2 times through, and my max temp (i left asus probe recording my temp) was 48C, but an everage was 46C, and its now at 45C.

i really quite enjoy this overclocking lark, i overclocked my old fx 5200 to 280core and 380mem aswell. this was with just the standard heatsink and system exhaust fan sucking straight off it. im getting an ati 9600 pro 256MB off a chum, and ive read that it overclocks like a dream :-) http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NDY0

and in the time it took me to write this the temp has gone to 43C.

do you think i could push up the fsb to 200? i mean thats not going to put it too close to the 2200mhz limit. i got informed not to put it any higher than 200 though.

any thoughts?