I have a problem with my gateway Laptop M1625 and all of a sudden it stopped working. When I boot, the HDD indicator show and the CD-Rom light shows but there is a black screen. I opened it up and realized that there's a chip under the processor fan which looks burnt. This is what is written on it:


I don't know but I have a hunch that this is the cause of my troubles. Can this part be replaced?

According to this site, the package is a Ball_grid_array(BGA)

Removing the old one will be hard.
Getting the new one properly attached will be harder still - one screwup will likely end up frying some other stuff as well.

Personally, I would cut my loss and sell what is usable on the mobo for parts, and buy a new one.

Thanks, just spoke to the manufacturer and they asked that I ship it in for repairs. but i'll still consider your advice.. thanks