Yikes, hope someone can help me here. I have a Compaq Presario and just got a Copannq LCD monitor (FP500) which uses the 20-pin connector. So I installed an ATI Rage LT board which has both the 20-pin and the regular printer port. Problem is thatt the entire LCD is RED. Any black comes out bright red, and all blues, greens, etc, are all various shades of red and pink.

I tried also connecting a regular CRT using the usual port and all appears fine. Colors are super crisp and bright, the problem is the 20-pin LCD monitor.

Does this sound like a monitor problem, a video problem, etc?? Hoping someone can enlighten me - thanks much!!

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you do not mention loading drivers for the new screen and ATI board...ATI pro driver? the monitor, tho, should be just a plug n play thing.....so check that ati driver. go to their site.


I am having the same exact problem. Me and a friend took the laptop apart to do a little soldering work on the power supply and I got nothing but red when we got it back together. The problem is definitely a hardware issue in my case. I would suggest making sure the connections are correct and that there is no short between any of the connector pins. The closest thing to a possbile fix was that when two pins were shorted we were able to make the screen blue but it is still an annoyance. :\

I would appreciate any further input because we're stumped.

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