I have a toshiba tecra 8200 laptop. I started getting a warning during boot, a "cheksum error, cmos". it allowed me to boot into windows about 6 times and now it no longer boots.
ive replaced the RTC battery with the correct replacement. the first time I put the battery in and booted the machine, it listed a different error but i dont remember exactly what it was. it only allowed me to get that far once and since then, all i get is a green light in the front for about a second or two and nothing else. no hd spin, no cpu/ fan spin etc....

any suggestions? maybe my new rtc battery is bad? im thinkn of taking it to radio shack tomorrow to see if they can test it.

thanks for the help


this may have no effect at all, but take out the battery and all the memory dimms and let sit for 5 minutes. Put it all back in, hit the reset plug in the front with a paperclip (gently) and reboot. Or various combinations of the above.

Although I didn't have a cmos issue I did have a problem of my tecra 8200 not getting to the POST at all. By removing everything and putting it all back in it worked and the machine is now fine. Actually I had forgotten that I did this while it was still plugged in and turned on :eek: but it actually made it better?? I won't recommend this last part, so was probably some kind of a reset issue!