Hi there people,

Am wondering if anyone could offer me some help or advice pls.

I have a fairly old (but usually excellent) T40 Thinkpad.
The monitor is playing games with me ...
It was coming on fine, then started coming on when it wanted... then just had no illuminated screen unless i flicked the little tiny (dont know technical name for it) the button that switches screen on and off when you close it??? (about 3mm round on top left of keyboard above numer F2 and 1)

At first had an idea it was LCD inverter, which has been replaced now, but did not solve the issue.
Could that little button be jamming and if so can it be rememdied easily?

If not that, any ideas please?

The power on boots it up and i have linked it up to my pc monitor which then works fine, so graphics card and ribbon probs are out of the question i think.

As you can tell by my terminology, i am no expert around these, so if you can help, please give it to me plain and simple LOL!

Many thanks in advance


If when you press the button the lid pushes to turn the display off and send you laptop to sleep, you can suddenly see what's on your screen then that suggests that it either needs cleaning or replacing.

One thing you could try is to open the Power Options applet in Control Panel, click on the Advanced tab and then alter what happens when you close your laptop lid - try chaning it to 'do nothing' and see what happens.