Well...antoher start up problem from me

a laptop..runnign Win 98, 2 gig hard drive 64 meg Ram has this prob..
everytime its started up after being off for more than what? 10-20 mins the Time has to be reset everyttime..asin :

you get an errro message as the first thing you see...you have to reset the time...you reset it...it goes on until background of desktop is displayed then you are prompted to restart after which eveyrhting goes fine

my guess is that the CMOS needs reseting...the problem being i dont know my way around the inside a laptop..so..anyways .
.is there any other way of rectifing this other than a manual discharge..if no then should i attempt to discharge it myself?
plz help

oh and im guessin the battery is just shot abotu thsi too but the battery carge last about 1% for every minute

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correction it seems the previous owner of the laptop segmented the drive into a C and D..the C being the main drive having 1.99 gig...and the D being used for recycle bin and havin 3.99 gig.

Not sure about your particular type of laptop but you might just have to replace the Cmos battery.

Yeah, you need to replace the CMOS battery. It looks like one of the round ones from a watch (quite big) and is on the motherboard. DIAGRAM FIRST as replacing it upside down or back to front will break your motherboard.

Yeah, you need to replace the CMOS battery. It looks like one of the round ones from a watch (quite big) and is on the motherboard. DIAGRAM FIRST as replacing it upside down or back to front will break your motherboard.

aaah ok....well if i do that might as well get a new harddrive....too..( 6 gig one i woudlnt think is that great...and maybe some RAM too..)....ooor i could save up moeny for a laptop...and get a proper one.....and then run linux...hmm...hmm.............ill probably do the first for now though..bcus i dont have money one..and i dont have a job..:(....so ah well....
ps...i tried getting the laptop open yesterday man is does that thing have a lot of clips..o.0.....

ps ps its and IBM one froooom.....98....well..that does make sense..o.0...and id also have to get a new battery too.......and a port so it can use internet seeing its got the old phone modem...so yeah....bascially this is semeing mroe and more like a frame..o.0..

Yeah, ive got an IBM laptop circa 1998. Pentium 3 750mhz and 128mb RAM.

The key is that theres hidden screws on the bottom (occasionally under the sticker and sometimes under the feet). Remove the right ones and you can lift the keyboard off. Dont force it and watch you dont rip the ribbon cable.

And bear in mind regular hard disk and ram dont fit laptops. 64 mb ram is too low for linux anyway.

yeah ...well yesterday when i was doin it i got all the screws concerning out for certain..it was just lil clips that hold the the plastic keyboard part down by the hindges then was problem cus there were about 4-5 clips (ie those lil things that stickthough hole a tiny bit and you depress it inward to get the cover off...)..so yeah ill bear that in mind..( the Ribbon and RAM ) and yeah the hard drive is easliy removable with one screw actually..unscrew that one after you remove a plastic cover and the hard drive pulls right out...

.. but yes in the future...far furture....as in when i have a real job future (or a any job is a start ) i woudl like to get a really nice laptop for bout $3000 US ($ 6000 barbados $ )...but thats in future..a firend fo mine here has one liek that mac book with 2 gig RAM and 2.99 Ghz....i ferget hard drive size...and i think recently he was installin linux or attempting toa t least....after being on mac for a while.....ill have to ask him next time i see him how thats goin but yeah anyways.

RAM is usually on the botom of the laptop, covered by a small cover. You may not have to actually remove the keyboard (depeneds on your laptop). Unscrew all covers on the bottom anc check.

i think i know where it might be..( there a pannel right about the removeable DVD/floppy drive area..mite be there...ill have to check that when i get home tonight ..or maybe just tommorow..eh....and processor..well..hmm...actually i dont know how that looks...o.0....but yeah first things first CMOS...(whdy i ahve dream wiht CMOS in it?..weird..)_....or maybe that calcualtor battery for my exams in 2 week....>.<...might be better idea...

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