hello i am having trouble with my display when ever i startup windows my monitor flickers and turns to a black screen every couple of seconds. SO is this a problem with my monitor or my graphics card?

to know if it is your monitor or not, plug it into another pc or plug another monitor into your pc.
it is very probable that it is the monitor or its connections

I Have Tried Two Monitors On The Same Pc But Still The Same Thing Happens.

Try one at a time in different ports (I suppose you have two if you can plug two together). Do they both flicker? If they both flicker, try replacing your video card with a spare one or borrow one from someone to see if the problem persists.

i guess that the Monitor might be needing some repairs..

Had the same problem.. and wen i got it repaired.. i was told that the Integrated Circuit (I.C) of the monitor had gone for a six..

He tried two different monitors and it does the same thing so I'm not sure. Unless both monitors have the same problem.

did u try to replaced/swapped video card ?