am trying to format dell optiplex 330, have used all the OS cds that i have it is still giving me error blue screen, i have change the cd rom and the cd it self but it will start the installation and give blue screen some minute in the course of the installation.
please help me if u have a different ideal........ thank you

Your msg. doesn't give much info, so a few queries.
1) does the bios pick up the hard drive?
2) what manner of blue screen, what sort of msg. does it give?
3) why go through this process in the first place?

hi I have just had the same problem but try this and see if it will work out for you
1. On start up (Dell logo), press F2 to enter BIOS

  1. Expand the "Drives" section

  2. Go to "SATA Operation"

  3. Change this from "RAID Auto/AHCI" to "RAID Auto/ATA"

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