I was receiving Blue –screen couple of times and after blue-screen I received nothing anymore my pc was not working I was restarting and restarting up to Windows loading bar across the screen then was restarting it self and if I didn’t switch it off it kept doing it forever.. I don’t know what happened but I decided to change its HDD so I bought a new one. I formatted it and tried to install XPpro but I couldn’t coz I had to skip lots of “DLL files. I was pissed coz I didn’t know what is the problem. SO, what I did was I changed IDE cables, nothing, I changed IDE sockets again nothing. Then, I decided to take that new HDD and connected to some other PC install everything and connect it back..I did that installed everything I needed connected it and guess what…System operative not found everything was just went in vain .. now I don’t know what should I do with it..

Anybody has any idea what could the problem be???

your problem is probably not your hard drive, it's either your windows cd, your cd drive, or your ram. Oh, and you can't install windows on another computer and bring it to yours when you install it, it configures itself to your hardware specifically. In some cases what you did is possible, but very few. As far as the hard drive cables go, you should have the hard drive on the end of the ide cable , and the jumpers should be either set to master/single drive, or cable select.
Here's what I would do:
1. Check your windows cd (are their any scratches or blemishes). If it's a good ol' legal copy of windows, and you bake them some brownies, Microsoft tech support might be able to spot you a new disk.
2. Is your cd drive good? I'd take it to your friend's house and attempt to install it again but with your cd drive.
3. Is your ram good? I'd download a copy of memtest (http://www.memtest86.com/) and run it. This program boots from a floppy drive, and can run a diagnostic that will test if your ram goes bad.

Other than that, I can't imagine what the problem is. 90% of computer problems can be fixed with a simple reinstall, but this is not the case here.
I hope this helps

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