i recently got a mac, i have a HP scanner thats a piece of junk but i need to install it anyway. it is osx compatible. i have the install disk. the hp site doesn't seem to help. can someone give me detailed instructions. i'm lost.. thanks in advance :rolleyes:

Hi yotaparts,
what is exactly on the install disk? is there a pkg.file or something else? Did you try anything til yet? Greetings, Dani_mac

The install disk has .inf files that mac cannot open. Also, went to HP website and got directions for getting the computer to just recognize the scanner via the USB port. But, the directions have steps that aren't available.

hm, what kind of HP scanner do you have?
So i could have a look too about the installing tips by HP.
the .inf files, i'm rather sure, are only usable for Windows.
So there must be another way :-D



I've just had a look on the page.
You found the System Profiler in the ApplicationFolder?When i open the Profiler the windows shows on the left "USB" (under hardware and many other topics like ATA, SCSI and so on)In my opinion, this document of HP lets you only know, if you scanner is connected right.
You'll need a driver in any case. I searched the net and there were are a couples of users who had/have problems with Scanjet4200c and Mac. But maybe this could help you: Go to www.versiontracker.com and search for VueScan. This is an app. for mac which should be working with a lot of scanners.
(btw versiontracker.com is very good site for useful applications, updates, new trials and so on)
I hope, this could help you a little bit:)

cu, dani_mac

thanks, i checked out the vuescan but it doesn't support the 4200c. I may just have to find another scanner,

what version of mac os you use? try connect the usb and launch image capture.app if its not detect anything it will say no image capture device connected

We're using Panther. That didn't work. However, the person who gave me the scanner just pointed out that it quit working for her when the USB cable went out. Maybe it wasn't the cable, maybe it was something inside. Thanks for all your help, but I think this is a hopeless cause.

hi, just wanted to say that I became a member now just to say a big THANK YOU for your helpful replies to this.
I just bought a macbook pro recently and everything works like a charm - except using my hp 2410 as a *scanner*.
Following another tip somewhere else, I even downloaded some 100 MB of HP utilities for the Mac, gritting my teeth and installed them - before stumbling over this forum and thread.

VueScan has some 6 MB and took a few secs to install - recognized my printer as scanner at once. Phew.
I hope newbie-me can now kick out the HP-crap again ... %-)
Thanks a lot for your help!!

I had a HP scanjet 4890 and used it with an iMac 5. My computer quit with a defective main logic board. I replaced it with a new iMac5 21 inch but can't use the HP scanner with it. I get the prompt "Sorry, scanner could not be initialized.(scanner not found)" I disinstalled the scanner and reinstalled with the disc originally provided. Same prompt. I called HP service and was led through deleting all possible HP stuff from applications, library, cache and elsewhere. Same prompt. Told either new iMac can't run old HP scanner or something is wrong with scanner. Any suggestions?

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