Guys, required help. I was actually building a new pc. My Computer vendor whom I came across gave me this config. Well I am basically from India, and this config comes upto 46k. What i mainly want to know is if the config is correct or no, as in if all are supporting it. Well here is the config

INtel Core i 3 2.13ghz
Intel 55ec Motherboard
2*2 gb ddr3 with 1333mhz
xfx ati radeon 4650 with 1gb ddr2
500gb hard disk 7200rpm
24" viewsonic Monitor with Dvi Support and Resolution will Support ups 2048
CAbinet with Smpl ( 450watts Cooler Master )
Creative 4: 1 4500 speaker
Dvd writer lg 24x
600va small ups
Lgitech mouse and keyboard
Total around 46,000Rs.
And One more Thing is in this one the Smps Should be good one and 450watts means exact 450watts

Well this is exactly what my vendor gave me. Guys please do comment on it and shed some light on what can be ignored or replaced.

Guys, Well this is another configuration given to me by my friend. Please do tell me which is better and or in which what should be changed to make it better. Well this is the other config
Quad core AMD pro 3.00Ghz
Asus mobo Pro
memory 4 Gb
HDD 500Gb
Cabinate Zebra
22" TFT wide screen
keyboard and mouse
craeative 4.1 speakers
Ati Radion 4 series 1Gb Grafic card