i have a little niggling problem. maybe you can assist me here. i have just built a computer and for some reason neither the power or message leds will light up. it turns on ok etc and posts alright (yet to install an o/s).

its specs are as listed

AMD sempron 2600 processor
Abit VA20 motherboard
40 gig hdd
Radeon 9500 series graphics card
jeantech butterfly case with 3 fans and a cpu turbo cooler
cd rom
dvd rewriter.

i've kind of come to the conclusion that possibly the mobo doesn't work with leds as i have previously made another computer using the same specs as this one. that one doesn't have leds.
can some1 shed light???:(

Are the LEDs installed correctly? Try swapping them around on their pin headers. You might have just put them on backwards...

LED= Light Emitting Diode...
Diodes, these (not all) are one directional...
Some light both ways in different colors etc..

Even if you got the correct pair of MB connectors they could be reversed...

i guess i could have put them on backwards, i'll have to check that. however as far as i know i put them on according to the instruction manual for the board and the case. however we all know just how bad these translations can be. i'll check:)