I have a MSI K7 Pro motherboard with a PC mounted LED display. This is a vertical display consisting of four LEDs inline, locateded just below Serial and Parallel ports. When the computer hangsup during startup the top two and bottom LEDs are green, and the second from the bottom is red.( from the top down to mobo - green, green, red, green)

I know that the sequence of the LEDs during the startup are indicators of its point in the startup, but I can't find a reference to the LEDs in the owners manual, does anyone know what that configuration means?

Ram not supported or bad power supply check rail first on powersupply if not replaced ram even if ram work in another computer msi use to own a few no more when asus, doesn,t support some ram had the same problem 2 years ago.

The RAM is the same that I have been using since I got the computer, I don't think that's the problem. The 12Volt rail is reading every bit of 12Volts.

downloaded manuel to you mother board didnt help say it floppy drive controller doubt it because never had floppy drive lockup a system. checked cpu might be bad usally no system beep when goes bad.

I just found the MSI diagnostic LED function list, and the POST hangs at "initializing floppy drive controller".

I disconnected the data cord at the computer and haven't had a problem since, so I guess it's either the cord or the floppy drive, I'll replace the cord first.

This morning I cleared the CMOS and started up the computer only to have it stall in the POST with this message...A: Drive Error, this was followed by two beeps, a pause, and one last beep, this was a first, it usually just would stall. After pressing F1 it continued without a hitch, I had to restore some features but nothing drastic, and the computer is running faster. After turning the computer off I reconnected the data cord from the fdd to the motherboard and restarted it with no proablems, I checked the fdd and it works now, my CD/ROM recently quit working also, I think I'll reinstall it and see if it plays Lazaus also!

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