I am using a Globespan virata tera 100u usb modem to conect to BSNL Broadband. whenever i on the pc it says "ADSL Modem not responding" and "Error loading DSL Loader". i uninstall and reinstall then it works fine. but when i on the pc then the same cycle. i have checked the cables and all. pls help me. i use win 2k, ie 6, service pack 4.

I have seena similair issue and what you want to do is boot into safe mode.

Remove the device drivers.

hen RE INSTALL them in Safe mode. Obviously Safe mode with networking is your only option.

But this should correct the issue.
Also make sure your adoing this as ADMINISTRATOR or Domain Administrator as you will need every permission under the sun to install these device drivers correctly.

Can you tell me how you configured your modem to work with BSNL ?

I set the VPI / VCI settings and chose PPPoE. I tried all the modulations but none seemed to work - with some i get both the PC and Link light on the modem ON, but i can't connect the WAN Miniport software thing that comes along with WinXP, i.e. to send the username and the password.

So, please let me know how you did it.