I'm going to upgrade my pc (motherboard memory ect)
but what is the diffirence betwen Clawhammer and
Newcastle processors?

i only know Clawhammers are more expensive.


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There isnt much difference between them. There is more L2 cache on most Clawhammers (1mb instead of 512kb) and I believe the Clawhammer dissipates less heat. To decide which CPU to take, compare the specs and decide if the extra money is worth spending (newer socket 939, L2 cache, FSB).

I wouldn't worry about that, get a Venice, that's the new core, and I don't think it costs any more than a clawhammer.

Well Venice is not available here (at least not in socket 754)
and those Caches are the same.

so i think i'll just buy a newcastle then.

thanks for the advice..

Youre not going with the newer 939 socket?

I wasn't planning to. Are there any diffirences?

It is AMD most recent technology. Just like Intel With their newer 775 socket. Intel's 478 isnt used much in new PCs now.

It is AMD most recent technology. Just like Intel With their newer 775 socket. Intel's 478 isnt used much in new PCs now.

Not to mention that when it becomes cheaper, the X2 uses the same socket as the single-core 64s (939). So you should be able to upgrade with a simple BIOS update. THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE.....

If you havent bought a motherboard yet you should go with s939 if its ok with you.

Well i can see the point.
But those processors are quite a bit more expensive to.
And which (reasonably cheap) motherboard should go with it?

Ps: i need one with an AGP slot in it

How about this one?

Go with this one SLI know your not going to use now or you might decided to put to video card in but rom for upgrading later plus board got good reviews(own this broad myself ultra stable no problems at all.) A8NSLI
And via chipset no good not for gaming go nforce 4 at lease.

Well it's good exept that it hasn't got an agp slot in it...
maybe somethink like that is good yes.

Is it good to buy a motherboard with agp?
I mean won't it be to old in a couple of years?
because i want to use it for some more years when i upgrade it
and i can better upgrade it good in one time, but i've got a quite heavy
dutie graphics card here and upgrading to a decent pci-e card is expensive.

so what do i do?

upgrade to pci-e you get double the bandwidth and use full data bandwidth of the video card. PCI-E: is pci express, with speed of 250MB per lanes so a PCI-E 16X is capable of about 4GB. it would take a AGP bandwidth to AGP 12x (3.1 GB/s) to even come close.for AGP 8x Writes are used, the bus has the full memory bandwidth at its disposal, meaning 2.1GB/s on AGP 3.0 slots using nivida nforce 3 chipset on VIA AGP bus can only offer a memory bandwidth of 266MB/s. Which is why I say stay far away from VIA chipset. you can have the best video card for AGP but you are only going to be limit to 2.1GB/s data bandwidth and write speed of 250mb per lanes. You can get a decent PCI-E card for about $162.00 dollars based on Nividia 6600GT processor which have very good reviews also card is HD. (Here the link)
1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814125156
2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814164038
3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814127176
Why buy old board when you are more likely going to upgrade it. Do it right you won't have to upgrade for years, and you will be able to upgrade your cards, they are not only making video card PCI-E but tv tuners too and much more to come.

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