I just got two matching 10 gig hard drives for free, I wanted to set up a RAID on my system (just for fun) but I already have a cd burner and two hard drives, and my mobo only supports 4 devices. To solve this, I found an old ata66 pci card. I was wondering if my motherboard's internal RAID controller will recognize these two drives and RAID them together.

I know that windows can do software RAIDing very easily, but I'm trying not to suck up any cpu power that I can avoid.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and I already posted this in the storage section, but I figured that it actually has more to do with pci than hard drives.

if you have a built in raid on your board that should give you an additional 2/4 slots for just HDs
a regular ide card can't create a raid without doing it through software

oh, maybe I've only got a SATA raid on my board... Thanks!

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