Hey I was looking at some RAM at some reliable local store web sites, there is something kind of weird. I found out that their 2x1024MB of PC4200 had a whopping 100$ of difference.

DDR-2 Corsair 2GB (2*1024) 533fsb TWINX VALUE (life) CAN$244.75

Corsair 2x1024MB PC2-4200 ValueSelect DDR2 $ 341.00

These sound like the same to me, don't they? I'm wondering if dealsdirect has a low price or if pccyber overchages. Do you know? I know both their single 1 gig stick is 137$. Kind of confusing this is.

Well for your second link at pccyber, I saw the ram you listed for: $254
This is what I found for $341, registered memory(which I dont think you want):
Corsair 1024MB PC-3200 TWINX-Dual Channel DDR

And, I'm not sure, but if "CAN$244.75" means canadian, then it would be $211 in US currency.

Edit: Ah yes, it says on the website that it is all in Canadian currency.

newegg has them for $148, but do they ship canada? For some reason i think they don't. But maybe you could have someone in the states send them up to you.

I've posted this 6 months back guys. Thanks for trying to help tho :)

lol, well what kind of deal did you end up getting ;)

lol, well what kind of deal did you end up getting ;)

I just ended up taking 2x 512 mb of DDR-2 533mhz at pc cyber for 157$ canadian. It is now 117$ so I could upgrade to 2 gigs for cheap if i wanted.

BTW, the prices i posted on the first post, werent right for pccber. It was really something like 400$.

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